The Soho Music School is privileged to work with Berwick Street Studios and several experienced producers who also teach music production courses. Music production sessions are two hours long – you can take lessons by yourself or share them with a friend.

The course consists of 12 two hour sessions, is primarily hands-on and practical and covers all aspects of:

  • Use of music software ( Logic X or Cubase 9 )
  • Recording vocals and acoustic instruments
  • Use of VST’s and plug-ins
  • Writing and composition of contemporary songs

You will also receive at least one song that you have fully recorded and produced as a part of the course.

You can book your first session straight away by selecting the date and time that suits you below. The total cost of the course is £1200 for 12 one-on-one sessions with a producer, or £100 per individual two hour session.

If you would prefer to pay per session, simply book your first session online below. To book and pay for the course in full and apply for discounts, please email us at