The Mental Health Benefits of Playing Music

Music and emotion have always been closely linked, one being an expression of the other. Almost every song written is the result of an feeling, whether it be love, heartbreak, hurt or happiness. The act of hearing a certain song can even have the power to change the way we feel inside.

Additionally, the act of actually playing music or even singing has been proven to have significant benefits for mental health and emotional wellbeing. Take a look at our list below and see how learning to play or sing can help you achieve a healthier mind:

Writing music can act as a therapy session

Almost all the greatest songs in history have been the result of a strong emotion and it’s no coincidence; often the most creative ideas flow from the more emotional periods in our lives. The act of writing music or lyrics can help to process your feelings by getting them out in a tangible form. It can also act as a distraction from negative feelings- a good bout of singing or playing requires concentration which can help you to focus on something positive. Playing music has also been known to help ease stress, insomnia and even depression.

It provides you with a feeling of accomplishment

We’ve spoken about this before, but it simply can’t be overstated. The feeling of mastering a song you’ve always wanted to learn and achieve a dream you have always wanted is probably one of the most uplifting feelings in the world!

It can help you to meet new people

There are many ways in which music can help you connect with others around you. You may decide to find other like-minded musicians to play with you in a band or orchestra, which can help you to form bonds and friendships. It’s also a great subject to drop into conversation when meeting new people- you’ll always have something to talk about! Try websites for musicians such as Bandmix and Join My Band to find other like minded people searching for other musicians to play with, either professionally or just for fun!

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