Songwriting lessons Soho

Songwriting lessons in the heart of Soho 

At The Soho Music school we also offer songwriting lessons in our Soho studio or online. Have you tried writing your own songs, but you often get stuck? Feel free to get in touch! Even if you never played and instrument you can still write songs. You can take songwriting lessons only if you already play an instrument, or a combination of songwriting, singing and instrumental tuition. To book just songwriting online, scroll to the bottom of the page. If you are interested in combination of singing, instrumental and songwriting tuition just drop us an email at with your phone number and we will get in touch to discuss a package.

As a part of songwriting sessions, the Soho Music School offers music production and recording services. It’s great to be able to write a good song, but in the long run it is equally important to have the song well recorded and produced. We are based in Berwick Street Studio and are fully equipped for recording music. All our music lessons and recording sessions are charged at £65 per hour (individual lessons) with discounts available on packages of 10 or more lessons. 

Have a chat with us.

Feel free to get in touch anytime and have a chat before you book your first lesson. Just write to with your phone number and one of our tutors will get in touch to discuss the best way for you to approach writing songs.

How to book

To book songwriting lesson online, scroll down to the calendar, select tutor, date and hit search for available slots.

If you’d like to try singing, you can book your first singing lesson online, just click here: Book a singing lesson

For booking a piano lesson, just click here: Book a piano lesson

Do you already have songs that you want recorded and produced, or need a voice-over or showreel? Feel free to  Book recording session ( two hours ).