Recording sessions

Recording sessions, songwriting and music production in the heart of Soho

All our pupils have access to recording sessions, because The Soho Music School is based in one of the Berwick Street Studios. Our studio is fully equipped for high quality recording and music production. Get in touch to develop and record your own songs and original material. We also offer recording of a showreel and voice-over.

Above all, you do not need to have a finished song; just the initial idea is enough. Our tutors are trained composers and will help you develop your material from scratch. All recording sessions are two hours and are priced at £130 per session. To book, choose your preferred date from the calendar below and hit search. If you’d like to have chat with us first about how recording sessions look like, just write to with your phone number and we will get in touch!

Before you try our recording sessions

As it happens quite often, we understand that not everyone is confident enough to try recording straight away. No reason to worry! If you’ve never been to the recording studio before and would like to work on your vocal technique first, you can book a singing lesson here. Our singing tutor is present on all our recording sessions and you will have assistance throughout the recording process.

If you’re a guitar player and would like to improve your playing first, you can book your guitar lesson here

If you’d like to improve your performance on the piano, you can book piano lesson here

You can also book a songwriting lesson – something we would recommend before you start recording. You can book it here.

Get in touch!

Feel free to get in touch anytime and have a chat before you book your first songwriting, singing, guitar or piano lesson. Just write to with your phone number and one of our tutors will get in touch.